Protect Your Business Application With Robust Security Testing Services

Do you know that 71% of the fraud transactions in 2019 were executed through mobile apps?

Get your web, mobile and cloud applications secured by with exhaustive application penetration testing and security assessment services.

Our Proven Methodologies

A perfect blend of righteous techniques and expert tech-know helps crafting rewarding solutions. We infuse our decades of practical experience and testified methodologies in detecting, preventing, and managing your application security. Our security professionals go out of the way in identifying and effective reporting of the loopholes in the application architecture.

Our Exemplary Application Assessment Services

Sweeping Vulnerabilities Assessments

We at RedTeam Cybersecurity Labs perform intricate Application Security Assessment Services in India & UAE to find potential threats to your applications for locating vulnerabilities affecting your business performance. Our dedicated team of certified application security experts deep dive to expose simple to complex vulnerabilities in APIs, UIs (user interfaces), platforms, and technology frameworks used to develop the application ensuring to leave no room for malicious activities.

Application Penetration Testing

Following agile red teaming processes and proven methodologies to exploit application security, we pentest every aspect and layer of your business application. Regardless of the traffic and volume of application data, our application testing specialists mimic real-like penetration attacks by employing custom scripts, advanced security tools, and open source exploitation elements to validate your application’s security posture.

Remarkable Ethical Hacking Services

To make sure that no malicious security threat is capable of exploiting your business application, our ethical hacking experts assess your application’s defensive capabilities extensively. We exercise ethical hacking procedures with best practices, futuristic tools, and verified test scenarios to detect intrusions in your application, supporting OS, configurations, and negatively impacting non-compliant cybersecurity policies.

Why RedTeam Cybersecurity Labs

Being an eminent cybersecurity service company focused to help businesses with highly secure digitization tools like web and mobile applications, we demonstrate our security skillfulness to the core. Associating with us for web and application services allows you to edge on:

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